so been with my partner for about 4 years, we Have two kids together.

I ALWAYS have to ask him to do stuff he never just does stuff EVEN when he can see there is stuff to do!. I do all the cleaning, I do the youngest ones feeds at night PLUS I have a viral thing that's going around my city rn.

All we do is argue and I feel unhappy and I feel like a single parent half the time . We are suppose to be "SAVING MONEY" To move but he spends it all on drinks and scratch cards. I've been thinking a lot lately about breaking up with him , when he's not around I feel free there no tension in the house.

But I feel like what's stopping me is my confidence and scared of being alone 😔we have broken up alot before for the SAME reasons but I kept going back because I felt bad . Please help me I've had enough and I need some balls!!!!!