Friends with ex wife????

Joe • Dad to Ziah Love :)

So my wife and I got divorced. Only together 2 years and basically got married because of our daughter.

The woman I’m dating now moved to Chicago to be with me. I moved her right in with me and my daughter (50/50 custody).

My daughters mom and I talk about our kid throughout the week. We want to be friends, I grew up with divorced parents who were cool with each other and it was really nice.

We do one birthday for my daughter with both families - my girlfriend hates it and says that she has to “share me” with my ex..

We invited my ex over for dinner the weekend before Christmas to see our daughter because I had her for over a week including Christmas Day- My girlfriend was extremely upset and still argues with me about it today.

My girl wants me to have basically no contact with my ex unless it’s an emergency about our daughter.

She says I put my ex first in everything but I never do.. my ex is close to hating me because I choose my girlfriend in every situation and it makes things difficult.

She hates my ex wife even though my ex has tried to be her friend...

My ex has not always been great, she’s done some shitty things- but then again I’ve also done shitty things and my girlfriend has done shitty things so everyone has fault.

The difference is that my ex and myself are always ready to forgive and forget and move on and my girlfriend holds a grudge and never let’s go or forgives.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is she wrong?