Should I tell someone (Read the background)


So there’s a lot of background here but stay with me because I need advice and this is really stressing me out

I am in Year 8 (English system) and I’m 12 and my friend is also in Year 8 but she’s 13. We go to an all girls school. I’m in the popular/sporty group, she is in the nerdy group

So my friend has really low self confidence and has tried to suicide 3 times. She sometimes tries to cut herself with scissors at the back of the classroom. She never manages and it might be blunt scissors or it might be her faking for attention (I know this makes me sound horrible but it’s a possibility). Everyone gets angry and tells her to stop but that just upsets her more

Her parents put a lot of pressure on her and sometimes she says she is scared to go home if she’s had a bad test result or something similar. She says her parents don’t love her and only want her to earn money and continue the family

She watches a lot of anime. As in A LOT. And she’s almost out herself into her own little anime world. She sort of has an alter ego in this world. But some of the anime she watches is really dark and has subliminal messages related to suicide or flat out suicide references. People tell her that she needs to live in the real world and stop thinking everything is a fairytale.

One of my big concerns is the fact she’s dating this guy who she’s never met. Like they’ve FaceTimed and stuff but never met in real life. They’re meeting later in February and she’s stressing about the fact that she thinks she’s ugly and he might not like her. It’s scary because she’s only 13 and already has boyfriends. Last time she had a break up she tried to suicide

She’s seeing a ‘mindfulness’ coach but that’s clearly not helping at all because since starting to see her she’s started trying to cut herself more frequently. She says she has ‘demons that are created from things people have said and she can’t get rid of them’

If I’m texting her she does that weird ** thing to show actions which freaks me out. And she also writes the text with the stuttering so like s-s-sorry for example

For some reason she looks up to me because apparently I’m strong and clever and some more stuff. Because of this she trusts and confides in me. So I feel like if I tell someone I’ll lose that trust and she won’t tell me what she’s doing anymore. But then she’d be even more sad and lonely

The thing is it’s scary because I know if she was to suicide I’d never forgive myself.

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