Money is getting too tight for this SAHM

My partner recently lost his full-time job as a ___ director November 2018. Well, not really lost; he was hired as a contractor and after his three month probationary period, instead of keeping him on, they chose to end the contract with him.

He then took up a part-time job and a sales job. But with the sales job, he somehow convinced the owner that he wants to create a new sales division - so right now he's working on creating its foundation. On top of that, he found himself an opportunity to create and manage a new business for someone else.

While everything sounds good, his only income for the last two months is from the part-time job, which pays about $300 a week. And we are getting a lot of financial help from MIL.

I am starting to pull my hair out now because I now realize how much of a bust January was. He has always had issues with his health. And this first week in February, I am noticing a pattern: he always has an excuse why he is waking up later in the day (whether it is because of having nausea, getting a tummy ache, not getting enough sleep because I kept him up doing laundry, etc.).

I don't know what to do. We have a 5 month old baby to take care of. And I just can't sit around and hope these business opportunities start paying $$$. I really want him to get a full-time job, that has benefits. But he wants to be entrepreneurial, with no money to work with (because he already extended his credit trying to start a business). I just wish he isn't risking our family's stability to get one of these business propositions going.

So I am stuck here thinking of ways to make money, hoping to still maintain my SAHM status (because who else could take care of the baby who is still dependent on me to comfort the baby).

I don't know why I am opening up about this here. I am depressed because I thought he was a go-getter while promising me that I don't need to find work and I should focus on being a mom. But I don't think he could keep his word on that.