Nursery is almost done!

Heather K

So let me start off by saying that we live in an apartment so I had to do my best to work with the fixtures and colors that came with it. If we owned, the walls, trim, and doors would all be different but alas, "you can't always get what ya want."

We decided we wanted to go with a woodland theme but didn't want to over do it and didn't want it to be cheesy. We have touches here and there but we wanted to keep it somewhat classic with pieces that could grow with him.

His crib is from Target. The blanket I made years ago from Hobby Lobby fabric. The navy bedskirt, light blue Burts Bees fitted sheet, boppy cover and diaper bag is all from Amazon. The hospital bag is currently being packed as you can see lol The woodland photos are from an etsy shop along with the personalized name sign.

The lamp, curtain and stroller are all from Target. The table, and other table decor are all refurbished pieces. The table has been painted with grey chalk paint. My hubby's mom has a refurbished wood rocking chair that will eventually go in place of the stroller once he's here!

The macrome project and wall plant was diy inspo from pintrest!

The branch up there in the corner will be home to a owl hanging from the ceiling once we get some cup hooks. For now the owlet sits on the changing table

The shelves are a diy project from Hobby Lobby, painted in midnight blue acrylic paint. Plant, letters, and yarn ball are from Hobby lobby as well. The bear was bought at a festival last fall! Blanket ladder is from Target and the blankets were gifts.

Hamper is from Target along with the matching dresser to our crib. Wall decor- hobby lobby. Owl that will be hung is from Barnes and Noble, and it's actually from Harry Potter!


A mobile is currently being made by the grandma to be and I'll post a picture of that once it's done. I'm pretty happy with it but still really want to paint the walls... lol they're a butterscotch color in person. Not a huge fan.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I love decorating and really wish I could make a living at it. One can wish right?

6 weeks or less to go. Ready for ya little guy ♡♡