Am I asking too much?

My husband wants kids badly! He wants to start ttc right now! Lol

I asked my husband for some kind of deal...

I’m the one who has to go through all of the pain and problems of being pregnant and having to give birth... all I asked is, if when we decide we’re done and if my last delivery is not a c-section, he has to get a vasectomy. Rather than me having to go through unnecessary major surgery.

If my last delivery is a c-section, then I would just get my tubes tides of course! But I would really rather not get cut open if I don’t have to!

He told me, ABSOLUTELY NOT! He will never get a vasectomy for me!

I feel like it’s more than fair! I would really rather not use condoms for the rest of our lives, and I cannot take birth control for medical reasons...

Am I asking too much for my husband to get a vasectomy when we’re done having kids? Will he change his mind?