Before I breakup with him what should I consider?


I met this guy and he was everything I wanted for about a month and he chased me but once he got me he stopped. I didn’t have a car and he said he got annoyed of always going to my house to visit me and pick me up etc. I feel like he never makes time to see me anymore . I feel like he finds joy and peace being alone than being with me. When we have sex it feels like a one night stand. He tells me to get dressed and he doesn’t hug me or comfort me after. He does a lot for me, he’s not a bad person and he says he loves me. He’s told me multiple times that I was “so I cool I the beginning but now I’m just crazy.” And he never does anything romantic for me unless I ask him.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the easiest person to deal with but idk. we’ve been together for 6 months , but it feels like a year. Am I asking for to much?