Am I just being annoying? You can tell me lol


My SO hates that I think this way but it irrrkkksss my nerves when people purposely pronounce words wrong talking to my 4 month old. “Oh you gonna fratch frannies eyes out? Just keep fratchin huh? Fratch fratch fratch!”

Ok if u want her to call you Franny instead of granny that’s fine, that can be your name, but SCRATCH is an actual word, not a name, and I would like her to be able to pronounce words correctly.

My SO “oh it’s just baby talk it’s not gonna hurt/hinder her”

Is she too young for me to be worried about this?

Signed, annoying FTM who worries about any and everything and wants to raise her child a certain way that is not consistent with the child’s other side lol