Bartending for a Wedding


Hey there! 👋

So my boyfriend and I are new parents to a 5 month old. So being offered a side job is great! We can always use extra money to put into the bank! You know what I mean 🙂

One of our regulars at the pub we work at asked us to bartend her wedding. Just us. We’d also be cleaning plates and replenishing her buffet. Basically all of the food service/bar stuff for the wedding. It’s not an open bar $2 beers $4 mixed drinks (she says we will get tips too but who tips on cheap drinks like that?)

What should we charge? She says it’ll be about 5 hours. Maybe more hours, not sure. Weddings don’t run on a time realistically.

It’s not until September but we are figuring out a deal now. Mind you we will be giving up shifts at our normal job where we both make $200/$250 on that shift (a weekend night)

Help! Thanks!