He overreacted when I surprised mailed him a gift

So I met my boyfriend on tinder. He lives in Georgia USA and I live in Jamaica. We met in Aug 2018 and hit it off well. It’s our first Valentine’s Day and I’m not big on the day, but for some reason I wanted to send him a gift. So I ordered a cute little mug and drink glass to the address he sent me. ( I’ve never actually visited him in the states). When I phoned him to see if he received a ‘package’ he totally flipped out. Started asking me where I got this address which I told him that we had both exchanged addresses 2x a while back. We even went on google maps and we were pointing out each other homes. He still got upset and not once in that convo did he even say thank you.

My reaction: I told him I have to go ( which was true- it was one of my besties bday dinner I was going to).

He eventually msged me an hour later to say that he’s sorry and that he really was tired and surprised. Still not a great excuse.

He also stated that that’s his uncles home and that he lives somewhere else. But uses that address because he moves alit because of his job.

He made me believe that he lives there. I feel so pissed. I never really doubt that this man could have another life in the states. I’m not naive. But this has totally and completely made me suspicious. And idk how to forgive him. Now.