Everyone is Pregnant but Us 😔


So: background.

I have been with my fiancé for 3 years. We have been trying for 2 of those years to have a child of our own. He has one in a previous relationship. He has a sister with 3 girls and a brother with no kids.

His sister and her husband have been together for a year and 6 months (married less than a year after dating) and have been trying for about 8 months. His brother and his girlfriend have been together on and off for less than 2 years.

Both announced in November that they are pregnant. I tried to be happy for them. And I am. But I also was so heart broken. They get to go through what I have wanted for 2 years. But I try and put that aside because I do view them as my family.

Recently tho all they do is talk about being pregnant and baby appointments and how they feel. Which I get you want to do, but his brothers girlfriend will turn every conversation into how she is pregnant. Oh, you saw a bug today?? I bet the baby will hate bugs. You had cereal for breakfast?? Oh the baby loves fruit loops. For one, they are barley past the first trimester. And for 2, they both know I am trying and that I struggle with depression and it hasn't helped. Now, I'm not upset they talk about being pregnant. I'm upset because that's all they talk about. And then people have the audacity to ask why we don't have kids yet. I cried in my finances arms for almost an hour when my last period started. TTC has made me feel like a failure that I can't even have kids. And I really do hate this 😔😔

Ranting feels so good