Baby alive dolls

Erica • Mommy of 1 beautiful baby girl

So I'm a first time mom!

My daughter is 2 years old, and for Christmas I got her a doll, it's not a very good doll, I figured I'd just get her something cheap to see if she would even like it, she never really showed signs of liking doll before

Well she loves it! She takes that doll everywhere, whenever she comes up to cuddle, as soon as she gets settled, she'll realize she forgot dolly and has to go get her so we can all cuddle together. She tucks her doll into bed, and LOVES giving her juice (bottle), and she tries to undress the doll, but it's not really a great doll for any of that. And this one has interactive sounds when you press her chest, but honestly it's the most irritating sounds, it just goes on a loop and it sounds so robotic.

So I want to get her a new doll, I was thinking baby alive, but to be honest, I don't know anything about dolls!

I'm looking at baby alive now, but theres so many different kinds!

Do they all like juice or bottles?

Do they make sounds when they drink, or after or anything?

Do they all need those diapers/do they all pee?

Are the kits good for all dolls or just one? (Mommy kit, refill kits, strollers, play yards, etc.)

If I get the lil sips baby, does it still want to eat? Or does it just want juice?

Can I get a doll potty separately?

Can I buy clothes separately to fit all dolls?

Or is this just a big grand scheme to get parents to buy ALL the dolls? Lol

Thanks, sorry for all the questions!