Minor car accident


Hey all,

So yesterday I got into a minor accident. Thankfully no one was hurt and it wasnt my fault. Guy ran a stop sign and our bumpers kissed. His passenger side, my drivers side.

I was ironically enough on my way to my 28 week doctors appointment. Is that irony? ... anyway...

So I was fine all day but could have been adrenaline, like the guy from our insurance mentioned.

Last night it felt like I had a stomache ache, didn't think much of it. Today still have what feels like a stomach ache and stomach cramps. Doesnt feel like when I was in labor with my daughter but I never got to experience true labour pains (i was induced)

I also noticed i lost a good chunk of my mucous plug last night too, which I know doesnt necessarily mean anything.

Do you guys think I should go in to get it checked or wait it out a bit?