Cloud island


Can anyone explain this?

I’m stocked on baby clothes for my son coming next month, in a variety of brands. But I can’t seem to figure out what the heck is up with these Target cloud island sleepers.

Here’s NB size CI sleepers, compared to NB carters. Dwarf legs and slender man arms compared to the carters? Plus they look too small for a newborn.

It gets worse. cloud island NB to 0-3 means your baby has grown 4 inches in length. ???

Here’s CI 0-3 versus carters 0-3. CI is 3 inches longer in legs and 2 inches longer in arms.

Here’s CI 0-3 versus gerber 0-3. Alright, long legs, but still with those arms?

Here’s CI 0-3 with a random 3-6 month. Very close in size.

And here’s the same 3-6 month sleeper with some CI 3-6 month rompers. Again with the huge legs?!

So, what I’ve gathered: cloud island is way out of the range of sizes. Newborn are hilariously small, and the other sizes are a whole size up. Apparently they just label their 3-6 as 0-3 and don’t have a 0-3? Or do they just run big and the NB is just a weird outlier? And WTF are those arms and legs?

I ask this because today I want to wash NB and 0-3 clothes, but that means taking tags off. Thinking of returning all my target stuff for gerber or carters, but I liked how cloud island has built in mittens and inverted zippers. Should I return them for consistency and sanity? Put my 0-3 ones in the 3-6 pile and buy more 0-3 in gerber/carters? If you’ve used Cloud Island sleepers, what do you think?