*possible trigger* Bumpers, Receiving blankets and highly decorated cribs...


So just a bit of background before I get attacked about what I’m going to say. I have to take parenting classes because my 9 month old baby boy passed about a month ago and CPS got involved.

My baby passed away in the crib when the crib railing broke down at the bottom and he got wedged between the mattress and rails and that’s how he suffocated. Horrible way for my baby to go and even to speak about but I need y’all to know something just in case you didn’t know.

Went to parenting class and talked about why my husband and I were there. This is my first time having a baby I have 3 previous to my baby boy. Obviously I knew the simple don’t put blankets, pillows, etc in the crib.

The instructor(she works for CPS)told me that if your hand fits between the mattress and the rails(check every single side)it’s okay to put a bumper but stuff it down to get between the mattress and rails, and if not use receiving blankets rolled up and stick them in between. Why? Because what happen to my baby(even though that’s not the case with my baby)can possibly happen if there’s a gap big enough to fit your hand. I never knew about the hand and mattress and this is having 3 kids, I learned something new that will help me and moms that don’t know either.

Also highly decorated cribs, which we should know because things can fall off, do not highly decorate the crib.

**The crib was a Delta Gateway 4 in 1

If it’s posted in the wrong group I’m sorry I just thought this would be a good recommendation.