Somethings wrong with the husband?

My husband has anger issues, and hes very bipolar.

So, 2 weeks ago, my husbands been wanting to follow God, work on himself, and give his life to God. Hed watch youtube videos everyday and night about God and Jesus, his words, etc. Hed tell me hes going to trust in God, put God 1st, leave everything to him, and forgive like how he forgave. He really seemed into God, and he really seemed committed.

Hed tell me that his goal is to do Gods work, by helping others. And he isnt going to care what other thinks, cause it only matters what God thinks. And that he wont do anything bad to those who did him wrong, cause then hed just be bad like them.

Bam, just yesterday night, he had a few cups of wine, and he starting ranting to me about how hes so tired of being a good guy. Doing good doesnt do him any good. He told me hes going to be a bad guy again, with this much evil in this world. He started talking about destroying his enemys car and house. He began talking about hurting others, and how he can escape easily. And bought up all the shootings that happened, he said he understands how those shooters feels. Etc.

I was actually beginning to fear him. Idk, what should i do to help him? Ive kept him in my prayers.