I thought things were getting better...

Shannon👼🌈 • 23, charlie 5th sep 18👼 Dylan-James🌈 23rd Nov 2019

I lost my baby at 22-23 weeks in September, he came too early and was a stillborn😔

I was absolutely distraught. I went back to work 2 days later but I distanced myself from people quite a lot. I cried every night and was heartbroken.

Then things started to get better. It was okay, I could see pregnant women and newborn babies without crying, I started leaving the house more ect. I felt okay. I'd have sad days every now and again but overall i was okay...

BUT NOW, the past 2-3 weeks I've felt rubbish again. I cry at everything! (Even things that aren't sad! I cried at a dance the other day... And an advertisement... Litrally everything!!)

I can't see a baby, toddler, pregnant woman without wanting to breakdown. Im constantly thinking about my son. I even dream about him, remembering how he looked after birth ect.

I just feel so defeated... I miss him so much! I miss being pregnant! I want my baby! I don't know what to do😭