Chest pain⚠️please everyone help coughing weird stuff

Chloe • survivor of assault | #metoo

First off I'm 14 and underweight (5'2 90lbs) dont know if that will help😅 also I will be posting this on multiple topics because i am hoping to get Answers asap.

Whenever I cough, I get a pain in my chest. Not a terrible terrible pain, but it hurts. On a scale of 1-10 like a 4 or 5. I didnt have any symptoms yeetarday so this cold came on fast. I have had a headache for a good 3 hours and Tylenol has helped a little bit, but not a ton. When I started coughing again like 10 minutes ago, I noticed a funny taste in back of my throat. I went to the sink to try and like cough up or snort it up so I could slip it out and I noticed like brownish specks in it. I didnt take a picture the first time in which the brown was a ton more visible but the second time I did. This is what I got

I'm really concerned considering I felt just peachy yesterday. Also earlier today I noticed a rasp in my chest when I coughed. Thoughts? Should I go to the doctor? Please help

UPDATE: my temp is now at 100.4 and my chest Is starting to hurt a tiny bit when I breathe a little bit too deep. I told my mom about my temp and showed her the pictures of the specks and she said it looked like a bit of old blood but it should be fine. She also just discretely passed over the topic when I brought up my chest pain by saying "Okay"

I'm stuck and dont know what to do.