December baby decided to be a November Baby


Sorry if this gets too long

I found out I was pregnant right after Easter 2018. For the most part I had a very easy pregnancy with little sickness or uncomfortableness. All that changed in my last trimester. In the beginning of October I noticed I was gaining quicker than I had been and my blood pressure was kind of high. My doctor ordered a 24 urine test that came back elevated from my normal but still well below the cutoff. For the next couple of weeks I continued to get puffier and puffier and my blood pressure was still elevated but not too bad. On October 24 I had an ultrasound to check on baby because of some possible issues on the regular anatomy scan. Those issues weren’t present but my baby was measuring only in the 7th percentile. My doctor told me to keep monitoring my blood pressure at home and keep my feet up. The next day my blood pressure was very high so I was sent to the hospital for monitoring. They kept me for 5 hours and gave me steroid shots to help baby’s lungs. I was sent home to do another 24 hour urine test and told to come back the following day for the second set of shots. This time my protein levels were past the cutoff and when I went in for the shots and monitoring my blood pressure was dangerously high. They started me on a magnesium drip and sent me by ambulance to a nearby hospital with a NICU in case I had to deliver early. I was kept on 24 hour monitoring for 3 days and they sent me home because medication was keeping my blood pressure stable. A day and a half later I was back at the original hospital being shipped by ambulance again. That was Halloween night. From that point on I was on hospital bed rest being monitored 24/7. I had 3 ultrasounds with a high risk specialist and he confirmed my baby was not growing. They wanted to get me as close to 37 weeks as possible before delivery. At 35 weeks my baby’s heart rate started to drop at night due to the baby grabbing the cord. All this time baby was breech so at 35+4 (November 12) they decided it would be better for baby to be delivered. I was prepped for a c section and a couple hours later I had a daughter! She weighed 4 lbs 11 oz and was 17.7 inches long. She was small for her gestational age but bigger than they expected. She was taken to the NICU. She had a feeding tube but never had to be on oxygen. I went home when she was 4 days old and she went home on day 12. Now she is a happy healthy 3 month old who is catching up in size due to special preemie formula. Overall it wasn’t the experience I would have chosen but I am very blessed that it turned out as well as it did.

The day she was born

Her 3 month photo