How to make your day a little bit better

This is especially for stay at home moms, but I think it can apply to anyone. I know I often feel like I don't have the time for myself and I often feel so sloppy and don't always have the time for a proper shower. But if I take just a minute in the morning to cleanse my face with a deep cleanser or I put on a face mask (I always think masking takes up so much time, but it honestly only take a minute to put on and a minute to rinse off, and it doesn't matter if you forget you put it on and clean it off a bit later! 🙈) and with a fresh face I feel so much more energised and so much cleaner. It's a little luxury in the every day life. I'll put my baby in the baby carrier or turn on the tv for a minute so I can treat myself to this and it makes my day so much better. It's all about the little things. Don't forget yourselves, mommas!