How I am Trying to Save my Relationship


Hello ladies, this is relatively lengthy, and the first story I've ever posted on here... But I want to hear how other people fixed their relationship, I'm losing all optimism at this point.

When I was younger (9-10) I was “dating” this boy, but then I moved away and we talked long distance for a year, then we faded apart. Five years later and I learned that I was moving back, so I found him and we started talking again. He said he still loved  me and I didn’t believe him, after after three months, I decided I love him back and we started dating. Another five months after that I moved back and it was amazing. Everything seemed perfect, we hung out all the time just sitting together and talking and laughing… it didn’t last long. I found out several things about him that made me feel disgusted when he touched me, I told him and he said he moved past those kind of things… He lied to me, and I believed him when he told me again that he would stop. So far, so good, I still feel like he’s lying to me some days but I don’t have proof.

We’re back to looking like a normal couple...mostly… He doesn’t enjoy simply hanging out with me anymore, video games have to be involved or he gets bored. Both of us require quality time together, but I need good conversations, not video games. So whenever I play with him, he gets his time and I give mine with nothing in return. I get so tired… Some days I tell myself it's my fault, "Too needy or too boring", some days I don't know anymore.

I tell him, he says he will fix it, but it’s all talk. Why do I still have faith in our relationship? I don’t know, I love him so much, so this is my last attempt at fixing “us”. Lent is going on right now (I’m a nondenominational Christian but I have no problem with practicing Lent) and the one thing I am giving up, is video games. This is either going to tear us apart or make us stronger, I have an awful feeling that the result is going to be the former, but I’m willing to give it a final shot.