Confused af , is it love ? Am I wrong?


Long post !!!!!!!. , but I need some opinions and see if I’m crazy or not also maybe I’m wrong about the whole situation....

So my ex and me have been broken up for like 2 years, yet we haven’t seen anyone else ( at least i haven’t he says he hasn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️) and we’ve still been having sex( Lots! Cause omg 🤤) the thing is I’ve been getting so tired of him and don’t feta connection anymore ( I have been waiting for a miracle to get back together) cause apparently I never do anything right and I’m childish ( because I believe in love , he doesn’t) he wants a Real “ woman” so I tried to be that woman and still nothing pleases him I admit my wrongs but, it’s like I have to answer him right away and do shit his way or no way and if I don’t answer texts/ calls he gets mad an starts trying to say I might’ve been with someone else and no matter what I do I’m always to blame , now on his side he never answers my texts or calls only whenever he feels like it but if I need something he plays dumb and if I call more than twice and keep texting he waits longer and he admits it cause “ I ain’t gonna have it my way” he says I have the attitude , I decided to post this cause rn I needed to come to the doctor and he won’t give me my debit card 💳 that I left at his place like a day ago , he in there Ik cause I woke up there this morning and we neighbors, and he sees my texts cause Ik him his face is on that phone 24/7 . I started to see another guy and have kept it low ( he wants sex but I’m not sure why I feel guilty about the other nigga) like I’m tired of my ex but at the same time I feel so guilty for leaving him.

PS: I have severe depression/ anxiety. and currently on my second month of medication . I appreciate if you went thru all this post ♥️♥️