In need of some sound advice ... ladies please help


(This is a lengthy one)

My sons father was very abusive. He would beat me so bad sometimes I was unrecognizable even while I was pregnant. Thank the lord I finally got the strength to leave him. The last time he put his hands on me he almost strangled me to death. As I faded I can hear my son (11 months old at the time) crying on the other side of the door. When I finally came to I knew that was it I had to live for my children and when his ass went to jail I left him there and lived my life.

Fast forward to now his step father(his mother’s husband) got him a job working with children essentially. Mind you I call him a holiday dad because the only time he really is around is on holidays. Otherwise he doesn’t call or care for pay for or do anything for my son.

Well those charges came up and he was laid off. His step dad asked me to go to court and speak on his behalf to try and help him get his job back. His argument was “that was years ago and if he only can work low end jobs he can’t take care of his son.” He does NOTHING for my son so that argument is irrelevant. I’m also very close to becoming a physician assistant and my fiancé makes six figures so my son will be just fine. Anyway my point is should I even go to court. I told them both I’m not lying about anything the only thing I could and would say is he never put our son in direct danger. My other thoughts were he gets his job back and I slam him in child support (currently he is suppose to pay 44 dollars a month and doesn’t do that either ) or just not get involved.