IVF TWW - things I noticed before BFP blood test at 11dp5dt


I know a lot of women come on here (myself included) during their TWW and search for their ‘symptoms’ to see what it means. Yesterday I had my blood test at 11dp5dt after our first <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> round and got a positive, which I absolutely was not expecting!

So I thought I would just pop on here and jot down what I noticed in those 11 days that were different or notable, in case it helps someone else.

1. I had AF cramps. Almost from transfer day. The day before my blood test they were so intense I had absolutely myself to a negative result.

2. Two separate and very distinct ‘pains’ in my left leg. The first one was where my leg and my hip meet, it was so bad at times I had a bit of a limp! At the same time, a 50c size spot on my lower calf kept itching; like there was something on my leg but there was nothing there. Sometimes it would burn a bit, or tickle, and it drove me ABSOLUTELY mental. Is it related? I don’t know. But it has never happened before. Ever.

3. I was bloated. But only in my lower abdomen. Everywhere else I was normal, if not a bit leaner than normal.

4. I didn’t have any ‘cravings’ or morning sickness or food aversions or any of that stuff. I wasn’t peeing more or less, and wasn’t particularly more tired than normal. Some days I was a bit hungrier than normal, but nothing that required more food than normal. I also follow a Keto diet, so I eat pretty regularly.

5. I didn’t POAS. There are so many drugs in my system it wouldn’t have mattered what that stick said I would not have believed it. I just waited for blood test day and that call from the nurse.

6. I did get some spotting. Day of and maybe a day or two after I had almost black stringy bits when I peed. Then around day 5/6 I had some bright pink spots. Yesterday I also had one or two. I tried not to read into them because they were mixed up with progesterone and could have meant anything, but they were there.

I also stuffed up my meds the first few days of my luteal phase. Completely forgot to take 2 of them, only realizing the day of my embryo transfer. My doctor reassured me I had fluked taking the important ones and it would all be ok. And he was right.

Everyone is different. But I know that the AF cramping and the lack of feeling ‘different’ had me convinced I was out. And I wasn’t. So hopefully this reassures someone it’s not a fait accompli and to just wait and see what the universe has in store ✌🏽