Do you think I need clomid?


So long story short, I have irregular periods which my doctor assumed pcos. Well, ultrasound was normal. Bloodwork showed LOW testosterone levels, high prolactin. Normal ratio of LH and fsh at 8.5 and 8.0 (this is high-normal) and my fasting blood sugar was 91 so also normal. I’m thinking PCOS is NOT what I have, and neither does another doctor I’m seeing. Anyways, obgyn wants to put me on clomid to make me ovulate on time. My cycles vary from 27-60ish days and I do ovulate on my own but she wants me to ovulate closer to cd 14. From what I’ve read, clomid works by raising LH and fsh, but mine are already borderline too high. I see obgyn on the 8th, but from one clomid user to another, I’d like yalls opinion. Thanks!