Am I wrong to have hope? ***UPDATE***

Amber • 💝

Since I went to the doctor on Monday and was told I was headed in the miscarriage direction I’ve been so confused on how to feel when my baby still has a heart beat, it’s weak, yes but it’s there... I still haven't had any bleeding and mild cramping.. which the cramping could also be from my vanishing twin.. so confusing. I know the chances aren't good but I have hope until I don't see the heart beat anymore. Is that crazy? If you’re the prayer type please send a few my way.. I go back to the doc in the am.


Well, there was no heart beat today. Atleast I know a lot of people in Heaven that was there waiting out sweet baby to arrive 💔

They were going to try and get me a D&C today but couldn't squeeze me in.. so we will have that done on Monday. My body isn’t registering that I’m miscarrying and just simply won’t let me naturally do it.. it could be WEEKS. I can’t go day to day wondering if today’s the day I start heavily bleeding and have major cramps.. it’s torture, I did that all this week.. hard to go to work etc.. I still have faith and believe the Lord knew something I didn’t, either something wasn’t going right w the baby or it could of harmed me, idk. I just know not to question things.. the Lord will blesss is when the time is right..