Feeling leftout 😞


I'm 33w5d today and not happy at all. Yesterday, I had quite low glucose level (yes, I have boarder-line GD). So I was feeling dizzy and light headed. Had few things to raise the sugar level and number was fine after that. After that I started feeling numbness feeling in my left hand's thumb and searched online and found out it's called carpal tunnel syndrome.

I just want to let my OB know about these (since these are not alarming so don't want to go to ER), but my doctor and high risk nurse both are on vacation. I met her last in Feb 25th. and next appointment is scheduled for March 23 :(

I'm feeling left out, disappointed, I had scan when I was 19 weeks and had nothing after that. I have no idea about baby's growth, weight or anything.

Thanks for reading...!