Help please... Somebody... Anybody


What's going on with my body!!!! I'm 38 and always have regular cycles. 27 days with positive opk on CD13 / 14. Never any spotting . This month I have added to my TTC Regimen vitamin B6 & D3. This month is a mess... spotting CD 10. Opks since CD 8 have been negative (pic included up to CD 16, CD 17&18 stark white). Today is CD 18 and I have bright red blood mixed with what I assume to be EWCM. I put in my cup because it wasnt stopping with wiping. After 8 hours I had about a 1/4 cup filled with discharge that was bloody and very strechy. Thought Maybe it was ovulation spotting (never had this so idk) but my opk is still very negative. Has anyone experienced any thing like this or even have any guesses? Also we have been BD every other day since CD8. Alot of info thanks for sticking with me and for any input.