Dove into my 🐱

So the other night my boyfriend is playing video games and I wanted to have some fun!

While he was playing I was doing things around him in his room only wearing his T-shirt NOTHING ELSE! It took him a couple minutes to notice but when he did I could see him looking at me like

Some time goes past and I got bored so I laid down on his bed scrolling through Facebook waiting for him to be done and all of a sudden he’s straight diving head first into my pussy like it was a swimming pool!! He’s not one to normally initiate eating me out so I was genuinely shocked!

Once he makes me cum he comes up and gives me a kiss. I could hear his friends yelling for him in the headset on his desk so I was totally expecting him to go back to his game but NOPE! He slipped his rock hard dick inside me and LADIES it was by far the best sex we’ve ever had!! SOO GOOD we did it 3 more times and my legs were completely numb!!