She writes to her brothers rapist

What sick fuck writes to her brothers rapist ? My stomach still turns after reading this. Like “hi. I communicate to my brothers rapist who is in jail and I see nothing wrong with that” makes me so mad and sick like if they are so proud. Honestly would disown her and would want nothing to do with her in my life. I know what it’s like being abused. It’s traumatizing. Makes me think “if it was u the tables would turn” hope your kids never have to go through that .smfh

Edit: this isn’t even her “real dad” this is a step dad who was only there for maybe 2-3 years of her life. The rest , he has spent it in jail. And if any of you don’t see how twisted this shit is , then your nasty asfck yourself. Who in the world becomes pen pals with their brothers rapist?? Who tf ? Only a sick bitch.