The wait to test is killing me...

So my body has been so weird this cycle. I use a BBT chart to confirm ovulation and based on that I didn’t ovulate until CD22 but my calendar says I ovulated CD14. Either way I never got a positive OPK at all.

The last 3 days my breasts have been super sensitive, I’m more moody than my normal PMS, and I’m dog tired at the most random times. My husband and I used protection every time we did the deed and abstain during but the most fertile days but my calendar updated today and apparently I miscalculated... we did the deed on one is the higher chance days! 🤦🏼‍♀️

The chance I’m pregnant sounds very real IF I ovulated when the calendar says.

AF is 4 days away and I know won’t necessarily be accurate if I test now. I’m going insane waiting it out.

Give me all the advice to make the next 4 days bearable!! I know if stress it’ll just make it later 😅😅 HELP PLEASE!