Potty 🚽 Training

wife of stones • 💙HBAC mama💙

My son went in for his 18 month well checkup today and my pediatrician mentioned I should get a potty and start sitting him on in throughout the day. Not keeping him there if he chooses to climb off, but praising him if he uses the toilet.

But.... I thought that you didn’t start that before they were 100% ready? He barely talks, like at all. The only sign he could be ready is he frequently removes a wet diaper, and occasionally will BRING me a clean diaper to tell me he’s dirty or wet.

But is he really ready? What should I be looking for? Is there a right/wrong way to go about this? I want to vomit at the thought of those floor potties (particularly of the fear he or my dogs will get into a #2) 🤮🤮🤮