I won’t have your poopoo tail running around this house!

So my cat had to be on antibiotics and it caused her to have diarrhea and she has a big fluffy tail. Super, and so it got matted all in her tail fur and I was washing her tail off but it wouldn’t come out so I get some scissors and she was already so done with me because I made her sit down so I could wash her tail and I’m chasing her around *not with scissors * saying “I won’t have your poopoo tail running around this house and getting up on my furniture.” And finally I catch her and calm her down a bit with petting and just cut the matted poop fur off her tail. Meanwhile my so who had passed out on the couch earlier has sat up and is starring at me in confusion. I said “what?”

“Idk. I just woke up to ‘I won’t have your poopoo tail running round this house.’ ” And I was like “you right.” And he went to bed. 😂😂😂

The way he said it lmao I wondered if I actually sounded like that.

But all in all I’m relieved because my cats not sick anymore and doesn’t need anymore antibiotics and has stopped having diarrhea and now there’s no more poo on her tail so it’s a good night!

Also she’s still just a baby so I can’t yet expect her to groom herself properly especially when she’s having diarrhea and was sick. But it’s all good now.