Totally p00ped


I'm taking a shower with my 18 month old (we don't have a tub) this morning and he pooped in the shower! It's just me at home so I'm trying to rise his butt and avoid stepping in the brown stream that has formed in the shower šŸ’©šŸ™…ā€ā™‚ļø Then later in the morning I changed his poop diaper and let him roam naked for a bit because he's been really red and irritated on his bottom. Well shame on me for thinking that would go well because not five minutes later he walks up to me and hands me a fistful of poop. Like, why are you HOLDING IT OMG???! He pooped in his room and then gathered all of it in his hand and brought it to me. Hi Mom, check this out! And the cherry on top, has been the fact that I am still recovering from the stomach flu and the diharrea has been hitting me hard today. I shit my pants while sitting on the sofa thinking it was just a fart. Lord Jesus what a shit show today has been.