Dear daddy,

I wish I could open up to anyone at all about what you did, but I can’t, I don’t know how. When you come in my room and touch me in ways a child should never be touched i wish I ran to mom and told her; but you told me without you’d we’d become homeless and die, you threatened me, and you hurt me to keep me quiet but then showered me with gifts. I still remember the scratches on my closet doorframe when you pulled me off when I finally told you know then showed me you didn’t just have one hole to take from....I still get sick that you forced me to do so much when I couldn’t even understand what all of this was; now I know a 6-8 year old shouldn’t know what anal, blow jobs, sex, vibrators, or lingerie are. I get sick thinking of what I allowed you to do to me. But I’m free from you now daddy, you can’t touch me anymore and you can’t get the chance to touch my child. You may have ruined most men for me but I found my husband and he makes me feel safe and like sex isn’t wrong on and act I need to do to wipe you away. Burn in hell daddy because I’ll have no mercy when I spit on your grave.