If they have been in jail or prison do you immediately discredit them?

Ashley • Mrs. Hainline 🤰🏻Pregnant with baby 2.

I saw a post the other day a woman made about her husband going to prison and my goodness so many women were talking poorly about he’s in prison he’s worthless. I think a lot of people fail to get educated on the systems to begin with anyways but my older brother has been in and out of the jail system since he went to juvenile detention and got probation when he was 9. There’s so much more to the story but man am I so proud of him today as he’s an amazing person, he works hard to support his girlfriend and daughters and hell yes he still struggles daily with his behavior because he is bi-polar diagnosed. To me, theres way to many factors to criticize someone just because they’ve been there, but there’s a stigma so I’m curious to see what everyone has to say on it.

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