Need advice on sister in law issue


About 8 months ago I removed my sister in law from my Instagram. My reasoning for this was because I had already had her on Facebook and most of my upload content (photos) is pretty much similar to my Instagram. I thought why would she want to see double the feed from me? I’ll spare her one social media platform. Big deal.

I sent her a text explaining my decision and that it seriously was nothing personal. This 52 year old woman hasn’t spoken to me since despite my explanation. Ok.

I later find out that she had told everyone else but me that she felt slighted that I took her off of Instagram? Wtf. I would’ve appreciated her coming to me instead and talking this out in person on how she really felt. Why bitch and moan to everyone else?

I totally did not expect this immature reaction.

To add to the social media drama, her estranged husband (my brother in law; hubbys bro) blocked me on both Facebook and Instagram even before this whole thing occurred. Personally I suspected it to be his 21 year old girlfriend (whom he left his wife for yrs ago) was the one who did this because she hates all of his family members for not accepting her (long story; she’s crazy)

I didn’t get pissed. I didn’t go behind peoples back to gripe about how I was blocked. People take blocking unblocking, unfriending, way too seriously.

I should be the one livid as I am currently pregnant and not once has she asked about my baby all because I took her off of Instagram last year? God help me. I don’t have time for this bullshit. Yet I have to see her every Sunday for family dinner. Ugh.

What do I do?

Was I in the wrong?

I took her feelings into consideration when I removed her from Instagram and even explained!!!! It’s not like I took her off Facebook too.

This is why I hate social media.


My mother in law wants me to keep the peace and say “I’m sorry for offending you, I’d like to restore our friendship”

I would like to add that my sister in law is also pissed at my husband for taking over the family business. She feels monetarily threatened now that my husband is manager which there is no reason for her to feel threatened. The woman has everything handed to her. My in laws have spoiled her. They help pay for her house; car; her children’s tuition.

I feel like I’m owed an apology instead.