He broke up with me after his trip


I need to vent for a bit. I'm tired of crying and being sad but that's the only outcome to these types of problems. So me and my now ex have had small problems for the past few months in our relationship and I had recently made a post asking for advice on it. Long story short I started working on ways to fix the problem in our relationship while he was away for a week on a college trip. Things werent going well while he was away and the moment he gets back he breaks up with me. I tried to understand his reasoning for it but it doesn't make any sense. We were doing so well for so long, I understand that there were some minor problems but they could've been fixed. He was saying how we were spending too much time together and it made us attached and he needs to worry about more important things in his life even though I rarely see him and I help him whenever he needs it. He also brought up the idea that we should get back together after he gets the important things done in a few years. I'm still lost on the entire situation but I feel like moving on is the best thing to do. What are your thoughts? Please help.