Horribly painful urination

So, I went to the doctor yesterday to get checked for a vaginal infection since I’ve been having unusual discharge. I was not experiencing any kind of pain. The doctor does a pelvic exam and when she takes a swab it was very very painful and I bled, she said it’s unusual to bleed that much and to be in that much pain. I try to go to the toilet to pee while I’m still at the clinic but find it painful so I don’t pee.

Afterwards, at home, every time I sit down to pee it’s incredibly bad pain, I cannot let out the pee at all! I stopped drinking water so that I don’t have to pee... the only thing less painful is to stand up in the shower and pee but that still hurts very badly!! I applied witch hazel pads and spray and they do not help. I did not have any symptoms before she inserted the swab so I know it’s directly related and is not a uti. Please help, anyone else had this happen to them? What did you do?