My childs father

I am currently pregnant with my first child i am 17 and he is 18 although I'm Young i know what i want/need and he does not I'm not even sure how he feels about his son at one point he told me he'd kill me and our child and that he wanted to kill it.

He eventually turned himself around and started doing better then he quit his job and now he's been MIA for going on two days now I'm just not sure why he doesn't understand how hard this is I've been working throughout my pregnancy and buying things for our child when he hasn't even thought about buying a box of diapers but can shop online for himself🤦🏼 i know that he's young and he's most likely scared/confused i try my best to help him it's just upsetting because i didn't make this child all by myself and he acts as if he has no worry in the world. Should i just leave him alone for good ? I'd like my son to be around his father but i also don't want him to be around all the negativity he brings.