Father in laws suck sometimes


So this happened a week ago and I still get mad when I think about it. I should start off by saying my father in law isn't a real bad guy. If you need him he is only a call away. Always been there for his family and all that.

With that said he is also one of those guys that thinks his opinion is the right one and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't think like he does. I don't see eye to eye with him very often and usually don't hang around with him without my mom in law there as a buffer. She is awesome, and a God send.

So we are having a family day going to visit my mom in laws mother. We stop by McDonald's for breakfast and I start talking to my mom in law about our plans for the future (something we have done a million times before). We tried for 8 years but when we had no luck, my husband and I decided to go for adoption. We are not in a big enough house right now for what we want for when we go through the process and all that. We plan on also trying a

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eventually as well but since we want a big family we will probably end up doing both.

Half way through the conversation she goes to the bathroom, and my husband steps out to smoke before we get back in the car leaving me alone with him. For once he asking questions about the adoption process and all that. I'm happy thinking he finally took in intrest since a few months ago he was grilling my husband about why we didnt have kids already, looked up endometriosis with my husband and then said "oh so it is her fault" (took me months to get over that)

So I explain some of the things we would have to do for adoption and/or foster care which is something we are considering. Then out of the blue he cuts me off and says "Yeah that sounds like it would be to much of a hassle. I wouldn't do it." Then he gets up and just walks the fuck away. Conversation over. He said his peace and that was it. To put it lightly I found it very hard to be in the car with him for the rest of the day.

My mom in law told me to take it with a grain of salt that he probably did not mean it the way it sounds but still just thinking of it makes my blood boil. It also makes me wonder if he would ever accept a child that wasn't blood because we still fully plan on going through with the adoption process no matter the "hassle"

I know I might be over reacting a little bit and I realize that. Just after trying for so long adoption was our little light at the end of the tunnel and he just shut it down.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.