Should I continue getting to know stuff about this guy I like


After I told my friends I liked this guy, they immediately filled me in with so much knowledge about him. From his favorite book, to the type of music he listens to. It was fun at first but I found it really odd knowing all these yet I have never talked to him yet. I’m planning to shoot my shot soon but while waiting for the right time I find myself so curious about all these things he’s into. I guess an example would be this book I think or some passage that he memorized and I rlly am curious abt what it’s about but I’d find it weird that if I actually get to talk to him, it would be like listening to him talk abt stuff I already know. I mean it could help me relate but it would feel unnatural HAHA. Should I continue trying to look into the stuff he likes or should I wait until we actually talk to each other?? :((