Should I take him to dr?

My son fell yesterday around 230pm, he tripped and fell head first into this shoe storage thing I have it’s Woden he got a pretty nasty scrap he cried for about 5 min and then was ok I made sure he stayed up we went to do laundry and then to the park we’re his behavior was normal we get home and he’s saying his head is hurting we’re he fell at I figure it would & have him put a ice pack, I get him ready for bed and he feels warm I check in him around 10 and he’s back to normal then he wakes up warm again so idk if this is normal or should I go ahead and make him a appt in the am my husband says he’s fine but I’m worried and can hardly sleep keep checking on him other then being a little warm and complaining of it hurting he has no other symptoms. Idk if I should just watch him and see if he’s ok in the morning or try to get him seen