SUPER stressed out

So I’m pregnant with my 1st, and this will be my boyfriend’s 3rd.

•His 1st child is like 14 and he’s never met him before.

•His 2nd child is almost 12 and he’s very active in his life.

Ok. So my boyfriend is on child support for his 1st son; which is understandable seeing how he’s not in his life and we knew he would be on child support. As for his 2nd son, he’s in his life, he stays with us during school breaks, summer etc. Plus, whenever his son needs money he will send it for clothes/shoes so on so on. His son will be 12 next week and my boyfriend and his baby mama have always agreed to never file for child support. Just recently when his son was with us for spring break, we told him I’m pregnant. Of course, when he went back home he told his mom and she now filed for child support.

I’m fucking stressed because that screws me over all because she wants to be PETTY. He’s already having $400 taken out of his check every month for his 1st son BUT that’s understandable. However, this bitch wants almost $500 when he’s in his sons life, he provides for him, he has joint custody, and already pays for shit.

I’m 17 weeks and I’m trying not to stress about this, but it’s definitely starting arguments between me and my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 8 years, we live together and I’m just feeling overwhelmed. This affects me too seeing how he helps with bills.

I’ve even been depressed because I can’t even share my excitement about the baby with him because all the shit that’s been going on !!

I just needed to vent seeing how my boyfriend doesn’t understand how this affects me and our baby.