Body image (kinda long)


I don’t know where to post this.. also, please no hate. I just don’t know what to do or how to accept my body yet and how to dress and be comfortable in public.

‪Earlier today I had a mental breakdown, why? I absolutely HATE my body. All I wear is leggings and baggy shirts because that’s all that fits me. I tried to look nice today but my “mom pouch” affects everything I where. I know if I go out in public dressed nice I will get mad fun of and called disgusting. It affects my life a lot and there is nothing I can do because the weight I need to lose is actually scar tissue. I cry almost everyday bc I don’t look like these other girls or other moms who’s body’s bounced back. I will never be the hot, skinny mom. I’ll always be the mom who has a belly and where’s baggy, lazy clothes. ‬It’s so hard to come to terms with my body when I know I look like an old over inflated balloon.