I need answers‼️‼️‼️😣


‪I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for about 3 months now. I’ve never had any type of insecurities towards him or anything. One day we were out eating, and his phone was constantly going off. Now I never been the type of female to go through nobody’s phone, but that day I asked to see his ‬phone. He immediately asked “what you want my phone for?” And when he asked that made me feel as if he was trying to hide something from me. So I continued asking to see his phone, and he just kept asking the same question. Now I’ve explained to him the type of bs I’ve experienced with guys in the past, and he explained he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. So I got up and left out of the restaurant, and he comes running behind me. He finally decides to unlock his phone and gives it to me. So yea I went through it, and I was shocked at what I had saw. So we argued in the parking lot bout the situation, and because I love this man so much I forgave him as always. We chilled and hung out for the rest of the day, up until I made it back home. When I left him that day his entire vibe changed on me. Now he doesn’t want to be with because he says I should’ve never went through his phone. Was I wrong for wanting to go through his phone????😩