Am i wrong to be mad??

Im a stay at home mom.. we live with his parents since a year ago since i got really sick with depression and anxiety and couldnt be at home alone with my 3 kids that happen after i gave birth to my daughter thank God im already feeling better some days i still struggle with anxiety and if i dont sleep good or if im to stressed i start to feel bad like my anxiety gets bad... Well my husband work just one job 5 days a week 8 hours a day.. he comes home and is free the rest of the day and mondays and Thursday he has all day FREE... i always struggle because i gotta be behind all 3 kids I SHOWER THEM MYSELF DO LAUNDRY CLEAN BOTH ROOMS MINE AND THE KIDS HELP COOK I COOK FOR MY KIDS IM literally all day doing something since i have 3 kids the oldest one goes to school from 7-12pm the little ones stay with me but im always with them 24/7 i dont even have friends to hang out with just one but shes always busy too and I understand her.. well my husband never NEVER offers the kids to eat hes always on his phone if the 2yo pooped i tell him if he can change him his always like okay but take like 10min to change him sometimes i end up doing it since i dont want my baby to get a rash but the dad over there in his phone playing his damn game!!! The days i do laundry he cant even help me hang up the clothes or the days HE HAS TO DO LAUNDRY HE TAKES LIKE DAYS FINISH IT LIKE 3 days so i end up doing it ... kids can look messy and he never says hes going to shower them!!! By writing this i just want to cry out of anger!!!

Yesterday i told him if he could please clean the hamster litter well he said i did it last time and I really thought he would do it 1 hour passed i asked him again his answee was ITS UR TURN I DID IT LAST TIME!! Well i got mad and told him i do everything alone everyday since i wake up to when i go to sleep!! Everyday for me is the same schedule and I don’t say nothing!! He stood up all mad saying he was going to change it but i told him NEVER MIND NOT LIKE THAT! And we argued bad and told eachother other stuff well today he got here from work since 6 hours ago and hasn’t tell me anything yesterday he was doing laundry but just put one load didnt even finish it since 6pm he saw me finishing all the clothes and didnt cared he went to sleep for 2 hours woke up saw me changing both kids diaper and didnt cared he just came to eat and didnt OFFER THE KIDS and i was going to eat too he saw me cooking for them and washing their hands to eat and he still was sitting down like he doesnt have kids!! Im so mad yall so mad EVERYTIME WE ARGUE FOR SOME LIKE THIS HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT THE KIDS ITS LIKE IF HE WAS ALONE!!!

Right now he’s laying down on his phone!!!