My boyfriend is still married.

I got with my boyfriend after he had been separated from his wife for 3 months 5 years later we’re still together we lived with each other for a while but his job made me make the decision to buy my own house. Our love is so strong we have been through a lot all this friends say they can tell he is much more happier now that he’s in this relationship that his past relationship was really bad. They have 2 teenage kids and I know for a fact this man does not have any feeling for this woman any more. For a while I did. But he has expressed his love for me over and over and over that being said after all this time they’re still married and he says the reason is 1 bc she will slam him with child support ( he gives each kid $200 a week) and pays for anything they want ANYTHING he also says every time he tried to bring it up she would lose her shit. I am wanting to marry this man and have his babies but we can’t move forward with our relationship bc of her. What should I do or do I even have the right to be upset