Am I being controlling/wrong?

A girl who lives a couple hours away from us friended my boyfriend but they have never met. They talk a lot. When they first started talking / liking and commenting on everything of each other my boyfriend tried to hide that he hearted her profile picture selfie and mentioned that a weird ugly girl kept liking all of his stuff so I immediately became suspicious. I looked at his phone to see that they talk a lot and send paragraphs back and forth and she told him she thinks he's cute. He responded that he thinks she's beautiful and has a really cute face. This was a couple of months ago and at the time I told him I was uncomfortable with him saying that to another girl especially in private message. He told me they're just friends and he was just trying to make her feel better because she talked about her insecurities a lot. I told him I consider it emotional cheating and he basically just said I'm being ridiculous and insecure. He continued to comment on almost all of her things and she did the same. We got into a huge argument about it and he ended up messaging her in front of me talking bad about me saying I consider his comments to her cheating and that I went through his phone. Finally that night he ended up admitting that she was probably flirting with him but at the time he didn't see it that way. He said he thinks he shouldn't talk to her anymore. Well flash forward to the present, he's still talking to her, still messaging her and commenting on each other's things and hearting her pictures. I told him that he has put me into the position of making him choose and I feel like he doesn't care about my feelings. It feels like he's choosing a stranger over me and I'm tired of logging on Facebook to see them talking through comments again. Even if its not a big deal to him it really hurt me and I considered it a boundary crossed. He's basically refusing to cut contact with her and every time I try to talk to him about it he basically just brings up things from the past and tells me they're just friends and that I'm acting ridiculous. I'm at my boiling point because I know if I private messaged another guy those things that he would be furious. I've blocked guys in the past for complimenting me but he can't do the same and he's saying things to this girl that in my opinion should only be said to a girlfriend. I'm going to tell him that he either blocks her or we are done. Am I being wrong/controlling?

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