Allergic reaction

Carrie • 30 Wife and Momma 💗

Does this look like an allergic reaction?

I will be calling our pediatrician first thing tomorrow but just wondering if anyone can give any insight? I’m not sure what is going on.

Yesterday when I fed LO some fresh strawberries. She got this rash on her cheeks and up to her ears. I ran to buy Benadryl but the rash was gone by the time we got home.

Then today I gave her blueberries and it happened again but much more mild.

And then this evening I fed her a purée pouch of pears/pumpkin/passion fruit and it happened again!

All very mild rashes that have gone away within an hour. Mind you she’s had all of these foods before except the fresh strawberry and blueberries (she’s had them puréed though)

I certainly thought it was an allergic reaction to the fresh strawberry but then after the repeat episodes every time she’s eating ?? I have no idea what it could be?

These pics are the last time and very mild.. the strawberry reaction was worse